Full-time employees can now take advantage of a new benefit: the Jobbike

In a world that is increasingly focusing on sustainability and environmental awareness, alternative mobility concepts are gaining in importance. One in particular has stood out in recent years: the Jobbike. This initiative represents a win-win situation for employers and employees, as it not only promotes environmentally friendly transportation, but also improves the health of employees.

With Jobbike, we are now offering you the opportunity to lease a bike via CyberShield, whereby the costs can be conveniently paid via monthly salary deductions. Not only do you benefit from an attractive salary supplement, but also from tax advantages. At the same time, we can reduce our ecological footprint together.

We have decided to work together with the provider dein-jobbike.de. You can use the online portal to find out which specialist dealers work together with dein-jobbike.de and then configure your Jobbike directly with them. The offer is then uploaded and, once it has been checked and approved, your bike is ready for you to collect. After 36 months, you can then choose a new job bike to lease or purchase your existing job bike privately at a reasonable price.

What are the requirements?

  • An open-ended full-time employment contract with CyberShield
  • Employment relationship exists for more than 6 months

Sounds good?

Then simply get in touch with me (Christian) and you will be activated for the corresponding online portal.