CyberShield donates 800 euros to FAPAS

At the beginning of September 2023, Christian and Adela were in Somiedo National Park in the Cantabrian Mountains in Spain. There they met with Roberto Hartasánchez, the president of the NGO FAPAS. During a private guided tour, the two were given a very good overview of the situation of the bears and wolves (among others) on site and a lot of interesting and unfortunately also sad information. In the end, Roberto was delighted to receive a donation of 800 euros for wildlife cameras. Adela and Christian made the firm decision to continue helping.

Clean Up – Actions 2023

On April 20, 2023, we reported on this in our internal newsletter: Garbage that is not disposed of properly, but simply thrown into nature, pollutes the environment – such as the soil – and endangers our wildlife. For this reason, we encouraged our employees to team up to conduct a Clean Up at their location. This has resulted in four collaborative actions.

We are proud to have actively done something for a clean environment!

By the way, everyone can do something very simple:

  1. Avoid waste, especially packaging, where possible
  2. Throw garbage only in designated containers
  3. Remove non-organic trash from nature during a clean up

Together we can make a big difference!

Premiere: Cybershield donates older IT equipment to Labdoo

On 01 July 2023 CyberShield handed over 3 devices for the first time to Heinrich Wegener from Labdoo.

We are happy to reduce the carbon footprint of the respective devices, by using them for a longer period of time, and furthermore to enable or simplify children’s access to (modern) education.

Interview on the “Practical IT security” workshop

On Friday, 16.06.23 CyberShield implemented for the first time a workshop for the computer science students of the 10th grade at a high school in Baden-Württemberg. The students got this great opportunity thanks to the open-minded and progressive attitude of the director.

CyberShield supports living togetherness right at the front door

In the cozy village of Mauer, home of one of our offices, CyberShield was able to promote cultural coexistence. A photo contest for “Mauer citizens” to capture their “favorite places & beautiful motifs in Mauer” was strongly supported by covering half of the costs. Click here for the article that appeared in the regional press.

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated today with this year’s theme Living in harmony with nature.

CyberShield has also been committed to sustainable operations and business from the very beginning.

Resource conservation and a low carbon footprint are not just buzzwords, but values we live by: almost exclusively online correspondence without printouts, vegan team events or the use of green electricity for our servers and offices, to name just a few examples.

We are of the opinion: only together we can achieve a lot!

World Water Day 2023

CyberShield cares about sustainable issues. In our last internal newsletter, we already reported about the important topic of “water” or “sustainable use of water”. Beyond the global issues, we also highlighted the water situation in Germany. But because we can not help but think and act in a pragmatic and goal-oriented way, we also took a close look at what each individual can do immediately to alleviate the situation. On the occasion of today’s Day of Water, we would like to share this article with everyone who is interested. Have fun reading through it:

22 March 2023

News about the WIN-Charta project

CyberShield signed the WIN-Charta for the first time in 2022. This voluntary commitment is about various sustainable points that we want to implement as a company.

You can find our target concept in the article below.

At this point we would love to invite you to learn more about a special part of it: our WIN-Charta-PROJECT.

With our project we would like to bring together and support (also farm) animal welfare and vegan (dog) food. As a cooperation partner, we have now joined forces with Lebenshof Tierlieben(, which has already been feeding its dogs and cats a vegan diet for some time. Tierlieben has been receiving a monthly donation of 500 euros from us for a period of 12 months since March 2023.

Via the following link you can learn more about what a Lebenshof is:

The concept of Tierlieben: Mainly so-called farm animals find a permanent home at Tierlieben: cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, barn rabbits and some more. The founder, Gitta Haas, wants to raise awareness about the terrible conditions in the animal industry on her life farm. At the same time she wants to show a way to solve the problem: Living vegan is not so difficult and can be really tasty and healthy! Especially for children and teenagers it offers educational programs: young people can feel and implement empathy and mindfulness in dealing with other living beings themselves during various regular activities. Adela and Christian were visiting the farm.

We had a wonderful day with many different and friendly personalities and are already looking forward to our next visit!


The state of Baden-Württemberg has a cool project on the go: The WIN-Charta was developed as an instrument for sustainably operating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as part of the sustainability strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg. By signing the WIN-Charta, companies commit to comply with the twelve guiding principles of the WIN-Charta and to further increase their sustainability. Three guesses who has joined us recently… Here you will find the target concept of CyberShield.

Project for more sustainability: How can everyone save electricity?

At CyberShield, we know: The topic “sustainability” is often about conserving resources – way better when your wallet is also sustainably spared in the process – just like with electricity consumption. In our two offices, electricity is already being saved efficiently and simply, among other things, by means of on/off buttons on the power strips or by motion detectors. However, since employees are also mobile due to a free work schedule model, CyberShield decided to help employees save electricity through education and also financially by purchasing special on/off power strips. We are pleased that the action was positively received.

01 October 2022