Rail – CyberSecurity

Predictive maintenance, networking and digitalization increase the attack surface on railroad systems.

We help railroads protect themselves against current and future threats.

Security Engineering

Whether greenfield or brownfield, we support you in security engineering according to the current state of the art (CENELEC TS 50701 and IEC 62443).

CyberSecurity Management Plan

Development of a management plan that describes the complete lifecycle of the system and defines the corresponding security activities.

CyberSecurity Risk Analysis

Development of the threat scenarios for the system, zone and conduit building, and subsequent determination of the security level target.

CyberSecurity Design

Development of a design for detailed description of the security measures.

CyberSecurity Case

Development of the CyberSecurity Case to prove the fulfillment of the CyberSecurity requirements from the System Engineering. Execution of the necessary validation and verification activities, formulation of the SecRACs and subsequent delivery of the evidence and derivation of the Reisdual Risks as well as the Security Claim.

NIS Directive

Are you an operator of a critical or essential infrastructure and do you fall under the IT Security Act or the NIS Directive? You do not know exactly how to meet the requirements of the authorities or you lack personnel resources to process the requirements?

Then we can most likely help you. Our staff has experience in communicating with authorities and appropriate contacts and will help you to pragmatically meet the regulatory requirements that apply to you.

CyberSecurity Manager as a Service

The Chief Information Security Officer has a central role in a company’s cyber security. If you do not yet have a CISO in your company or need short-term support for your CISO to cover a peak load in the context of projects or incidents, we will be happy to assist you.