Systems in the OT environment have special protection needs. We support you in all areas.

  • Security Concept – Creation of an overall CyberSecurity concept for your company or system

  • Risk analysis – Based on international standards, we analyze the risk of your system/operation and derive the necessary protective measures on this basis

  • Security Verification – checking whether a system meets the necessary requirements. Selective configuration checks or penetration tests are used for this purpose.

IT Security Management

Are you interested in setting up an Information Security Management System (ISMS) for your company or do you need to set up such a system as a regulatory or contractual requirement? We are happy to help you achieve this on the basis of ISO 27001. Just contact us for more details.


The Chief Information Security Officer has a central role in a company’s cyber security. If you do not yet have a CISO in your company or need short-term support for your CISO to cover a peak load in the context of projects or incidents, we will be happy to assist you.


Are you an operator of a critical or essential infrastructure and do you fall under the IT Security Act or the NIS Directive? You do not know exactly how to meet the requirements of the authorities or you lack personnel resources to process the requirements?

Then we can most likely help you. Our staff has experience in communicating with authorities and appropriate contacts and will help you to pragmatically meet the regulatory requirements that apply to you.

Security Assessments

You have a system or a company and would like to have it audited with regard to security?

We support you in this process and check your system or your business for possible vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. In this context, we not only consider IT attacks but also potential problems in the areas of physical security and vendor management.

“Pulling the security cart” out of the mud

You have an audit report with findings and don’t know how to solve it in the required time? Or have you designed a system where the security of the system has not been evaluated as sufficient?

If the cart is stuck, we will be happy to help you pragmatically get it free again and meet the set requirements.


We offer three different categories of training on awareness, OT security and role courses. Our awareness courses offer a wide range of educational opportunities for everyone. OT safety courses aim to provide a more specific and advanced approach to safety training. OT role courses provide specialized training opportunities for your team to develop your own CyberSecurity capabilities.

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