About us

CyberShield was founded in early 2021 and consists of a growing team of over 20 IT security specialists. We have set ourselves the goal of significantly advancing IT security in the OT sector and providing our customers with optimal support.

Wait… you must have heard something like that elsewhere….

We did too. Unfortunately, these statements too often hide empty promises or an attempt to keep themselves busy or simply increase the volume of orders. We do not see ourselves as an external “service provider” for our customers but as part of the respective teams. Challenges of our clients become our challenges. Here, we find pragmatic solutions that create added value and are, of course, secure.

Our employees regularly receive internal as well as external training so that we can keep pace with technical progress as well as the means of attackers.

We have the following certifications, among others:



  • ISO 27001 Senior Lead Implementer

  • ISO 27001 Senior Lead Auditor

  • Fortinet NSE 4

  • Fortinet NSE 5

  • Cisco CCNA


We are a member of the “Alliance for CyberSecurity” and the VDE.

We are active in the following committees:

  • DKE AK 351.0.6 A (IT security railroad – AK management)

  • DKE 931.3.3

  • DKE TBINK (Vice Chair)

  • CENELEC TC 9X/WG 26 (CyberSecurity Railways – Convenorship)

  • ISA 99 (Contribution)

We support the ER-ISAC.



  • DKE


  • IEC

  • IFAW

  • Microsoft Partner