Bonus Giftcards

Most of you know them – our sustainable benefits:

A lot has happened recently and a number of new stores are available for redemption!

We hope to make you happy with these bonus giftcards and show our appreciation.
Most of the time, redeeming them works flawlessly and the shopping experience is fun. But in rare cases, complications can arise. How can you deal with this?

What we have already experienced so far:

Giftcard code could not be combined with promotional codes of the respective providers

Your giftcard is not a discount code! It is like a cash card. Therefore, your voucher and the discount code should not be mutually exclusive! However, some systems are not yet able to accept two codes for one order. At Velivery, for example, we have worked out that you enter one code and add the second code (regardless of the distribution) in the “Notes” field with a short explanatory text. When paying, the full amount is shown there, but this is adjusted afterwards.
Some stores do not have a “Remarks” field. To be on the safe side, you can write an email BEFORE ordering and explain that you have two codes (voucher, discount).

Delivery takes a long time/has been forgotten

Especially for deliveries of “saved food” such as Veggie Specials or Sirplus (via voucher) where there may only be a short best-before date, but also for food deliveries in general, delivery should not take longer than 7 days. It helps to ask in a friendly manner by email.
By the way: best before date does not mean that the food is broken, poisonous or radioactive after the date has expired ;-) Just approach the matter with common sense.

These points could be clarified by contacting the friendly staff at veggie specials or Guudschein. So here’s a tip: don’t give up, write to the support team politely and try to resolve the matter. If it doesn’t work out, then contact Adela. She will be happy to help you.

Feel free to share your experiences with us and your colleagues – it can be helpful and enriching for everyone!

At the end of the day, your satisfaction is what counts for CyberShield – after all, these giftcards are for particularly good performance!

What happens behind the scenes:

At the request of several colleagues, we took a look at the company UrbanSportsClub for you. Supporting you with sports and fitness is an idea that CyberShield really likes!

Last year we had to break off contact due to extremely poor service and lack of availability. This year we wanted to give the project a second chance. After all, it is quite possible that start-ups have a good idea but still need to find their way into a smooth organizational process. The budget may also be an issue. Unfortunately, our second attempt didn’t go any better. This time we escalated the issue right to the top – because perhaps the management level didn’t know what was happening at support level… There we received the following statement: “We are very sorry about all this. But we can’t promise a good service and we can’t rule out the possibility that we won’t respond for weeks or at all or – if we do respond – that we won’t address your problem but will ask you useless questions first. That’s just the way it is. You should be grateful that I am contacting you here and apologizing.”

We imagined one of you standing at the reception of a fitness studio and not being able to register. We couldn’t reach anyone on the phone during opening hours. The same could happen to you at the gym reception. A visit to a gym probably works in most cases. But when it doesn’t work, one of you has been happy for nothing (or at least won the battle against convenience), picked yourself up and ended up going for nothing.

We asked ourselves whether we wanted to put our employees through this. Our answer, quite clearly: NO!

This incident shows us that we made the right decision:

As can be seen in the article, UrbanSportsClub receives massive funding from investors. The fact that customers’ personal data is handled in such an amateurish manner is simply inconceivable. Based on the duration of the data protection incident and the reaction to it, it is unfortunately clear that there is no awareness of security here and it is highly inadvisable to store data with this company.

All in all, this article underlines the inadequate service and lack of care towards its customers.

If you can think of any other sustainable benefits, please share them with us. We’ll check them out for you!

Christian and Adela