Post: Sept 29-30th 2022: 9th annual Control Systems Cybersecurity USA

Conference Description

Innovate Securely: Building Secure Environments to Enhance Business, Operations and Maintenance

From geopolitical cyber risk to ransomware, cascading supply chain vulnerabilities to insecure sensors and devices proliferating across blind spots in asset inventories, the urgency to manage operational technology risk, faster – has never been so crucial.

Yet whilst balancing these exponential threats to smart infrastructure, our common goal as a community must be to educate, inform and facilitate the design and governance of a secure digital transformation across the enterprise to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the business as a whole.

Cybersecurity enables innovation. This year we will address how our collective intelligence can be better utilised and play a more definitive role in ensuring the long-term success of an organization’s maturity model.

The Cyber Senate 9th annual Control Systems Cybersecurity USA conference will take place in Celebration Florida, on September 29/30th 2022. This key touchpoint in the North American sector is attended by utilities, energy, water, power, transportation and manufacturing CISOs, key OEM Chief Product Security Officers and some of the world’s leading technology leaders and subject matter experts.