Energy Efficiency with power options

Climate protection is becoming more important by the day, but what measures can be taken in IT to contribute an impactful share? Green IT is a process for creating environmentally friendly information and communications technology. It involves implementing IT products and services in a climate-friendly way to reduce the carbon footprint. This process involves a number of different methods, from eliminating unnecessary printing to reducing power consumption and using renewable energy in data centers. The energy efficiency of hardware plays an important role in this process.

Already small changes can make a difference. Power Options are one of these and they offer a variety of settings to customize the power usage. Recently our company implemented this options and the most beneficial point is energy saving. By setting up an option such as sleep mode, your device will automatically go to sleep after a certain amount of time which will result in lower energy consumption. Regarding lowering power consumption, another useful setting is to specify the period of inactivity before turning off the display. Closing the lid on a laptop and putting it into sleep mode and requiring a password when the computer wakes can be viewed not only from an energy perspective but also from a security. While stepping away from your device for a short amount of time is this a good practice for preventing unauthorized access. These are just some of the settings that can be set to make a small difference.

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