We want to know!

After the last half marathon Christian ran in Berlin in April, we asked ourselves: Why not start a company running group? Maybe there is already one or the other runner among our employees? Possibly we have employees who have just been waiting for that nudge to get going with their running?
Even though we all live too scattered in Germany to organize joint running trainings… it would definitely have advantages to create a company running group in MS Teams: we would have a common platform to motivate each other, exchange training tips and thus have the possibility to keep up better. For example, we could train “together” for the 5.6 km JP Morgan run on June 14 next year or the 10 km Peace Run in Cologne on June 26 next year or the 10 km “Rund um den Fühlinger See Köln” run on September 17, 2023.

Maybe you have an idea yourself where we can compete together?

Those who participate in a run get a company jersey. If necessary, travel expenses will be paid, as well as any accommodation costs. In any case, there will be a hotel room where everyone can shower and change undisturbed. Afterwards, of course, there will be a visit to a restaurant together – after all, performance in a team/among friends must be rewarded and celebrated!

Who would like to join the running group?

Who would like to participate in the runs?

Who would be up for both?

Please contact Adela until Friday, May 05. No matter what fitness level – you are all welcome!

After that, we schedule a joint call for all interested parties to discuss how to implement the “company running group”.

Christian is looking forward to your feedback – Adela is looking forward less, because then she probably has to start running again, too… ;-)

Your Adela